When you intend to carry out a project where hardware as well as software are part of a new product design, you have found the right place with us.

It is our speciality to design hardware and software as a coherent and consistent entity.

Another speciality is the design of power electronics. Examples are switch mode power supplies, battery chargers or power electronics for illumination applications. Related to this, we attend you on our specific EMC-problem solving competence. Please also have a look at our dedicated website related to this!

For us, Open Source plays a major role; not only in relation to the tools we use, but dependent on the project also related to applied software components.

A short competence profile:

► embedded systems 1632 bit (MSP430, ARM/Cortex)

► sensor signal processing

► versatile SMPS development in power ranges till 1 kW

► several field buses

► application software with or without RTOS

► µClinux/Linux with Analog Devices’ Blackfin resp. ARM-based modules

► SIP-based telephony

► Rapid Application Development GUI’s