Note: The information on this page is more technical nature.

As you can see, Open Source represents a major part of our work. For many years, open source was not taken seriously. However this has now changed, partially due to the proliferation of so called distributed CVS-systems.

Hardware Design

For some years we are using the Open-Source-Tool Kicad. This CAD-system for circuit board entry and layout design can be seen as mature since 2012. It is quite remarkable that the development of this tool has had a push forward due to official support from CERN, Geneva. Further, other firms are active, too. More information here.

Kicad is very effective at circuit entry. Layout work is a bit less effective, but okay.

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Software Development

Regarding Embedded Software we use almost exclusively eclipse-based tools. For a long time, there were obvious limitations especially related to program debugging. Meanwhile this is no longer an argument for not utilizing the superiority of Eclipse as a development platform compared to other (proprietary) platforms. Moreover, Eclipse - which has been pushed forward with the help of IBM - represents a de facto standard. With it, a sheer variety of project types can be managed. One can e.g. consider embedded projects that also incorporates PC-based simulation of the same application.

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